Hello and Welcome to what can only be described as a collection of inane ramblings of a Mother of nearly 4 who is tired but trying.

To offer some short cuts in getting to know Mrs Diggity and her tribe of short magical people I offer here some context.

My name is Emma, I’m 25, outside of being a wife and a mother I am a student studying a MA in Education and I work in Early Years Education.

My husband is Luke, he’s 27 and about to embark on studying full time in Primary and Outdoor Education. We’ve been married nearly 8 years and, invariably, I  don’t appreciate him as much as I should.

The point of our existence comes in the shape of three small humans and a wriggly foetus.

Nonie is 6, she’s somehow brave and bold but calm and wise beyond her years.

Aurora is 5, she’s wild and sensitive and a performer by nature and she loves hard.

Ezra is 1, I feel like I’m still getting to know this sweet boy, he’s growing a wicked sense of humour and is so full of joy he currently thrives on physical proximity and paw patrol.

We are 13 weeks into our pregnancy of our 4th baby and hope to share with you our journey. I hope you’ll join us…

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